By Chi Chi Cheng and Terence Leung
A mobile service cart providing free service to foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Services include food reheating, mobile device charging service, makeup/manicure service and mobile library.
Out of the 340,000 foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Hong Kong, there are roughly around 180,000 Filipinos (Census and Statistic Department of Hong Kong 2016).  
FDWs in Hong Kong are subject to a different set of laws than other immigrants.  The most significant difference is that they are required to live at their employer’s home and receive a much lower minimum wage.  
Our aim of this mobile cart service project is to understand this group of ethnic minority through community engagement and artistic intervention.
Our objectives:
- To increase awareness of social equality among Hong Kong society through facilitating activities that encourage direct cultural exchange.
- To create a platform to bridge cultural understanding between local communities and FDWs.
- To celebrate the individuality of each FDW by involving them in our creative process. 
- To promote sense of empowerment and self-recognition among the FDW community.

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