This work was featured in the 2020 Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize 
(organised by Justice Centre, Goethe-Institut and the European Union Office for Hong Kong and Macao)

On 8 Dec 2019, a day of peaceful march for International Human Rights Day, the movement patterns created by the crossing of paths between protesters became a subject of interest for me. As I found myself mesmerised by the powerful waves in this peaceful sea of black, a young man dressed in bright yellow carrying an American flag written “Fight for Freedom” on his backpack caught my attention. 

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties in the United States came together to support the Human Rights and Democracy Acts in Hong Kong a month before the march. The United States itself is an ethnically and culturally diverse country, how does one strive a balance between the pursue of individual freedom and collective expression as more and more social complexities emerge in the country?

This Poem is Called I Wrote You a Poem

Blues on my hair
Blues on my back

Gone were the days of roses
Run dry the poetry and proses
Juxtapositions of choices
Are they all just Fluxus?



Is it you?
Or is it me?


You and me?
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