​​​​​​​I worked with Dr Nien Dak Sze on this afternoon tea set's concept and experience design, taking inspiration from the planet Venus. Dr. Sze dedicated much of his life to discovering the mystery of Venus with his research at Harvard University. He was one of the first scientists who helped discover the cause of ozone layer depletion in the '60s. 

The design of this tea set is to simulate the planet Venus - an enigmatic planet covered by a shiny atmospheric cloud impenetrable by the human eyes and modern technology. The cloud layer surrounding the outer atmosphere of Venus has a refractive index of 2.2, which is very close to that of diamonds (2.4), making it the brightest planet visible on Earth. Yet, it is also the most mysterious planet in our galaxy due to the cloud of sparkling particles that makes its core composition difficult to reveal.

This was a collaboration project with Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

Concept, Visual and Experience Design by Chi Chi Cheng

Photo and Food Design by Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
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