The initial concept prototype is funded by the Creators of Tomorrow Scheme from Hong Kong Arts Center. The next phase of development will be supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
Consciously Human Metaverse is a cross-disciplinary research project utilising art, gaming, and neuropsychological technologies to explore the science of the Buddhist mind through thought-provoking and mind-challenging activities in a virtual world. Working with Buddhist and mindfulness practitioners, as well as game developers, I incorporate mindfulness-based techniques and concepts into gaming mechanisms designed to challenge our reactive habits and thinking patterns, with the goal of fostering a deeper awareness of our body, mind and beyond.

Buddhism and science both share a common challenge - understanding the mind empirically. Neuroscience offers a new pathway to rediscover Buddhism by studying the biological underpinnings of Buddhist practices. Although this field of research is novel and more future research is still underway, I believe that Buddhist practices have been equipping the human brain with the ability to adapt to different disruptions in our world for 2,500 years. Practices such as meditation and breathing exercises are shown to activate certain neural and physiological mechanisms that may contribute to the ability to maintain a balanced state of reward, pleasure-seeking and goal-directed behaviour. These benefits can be echoed by the Buddhist concepts of desire, attachment and craving.

We live in a world of constant disruptions and desires that challenge our ability to become conscious evolutionary humans. My ultimate goal is to inspire more people to live and thrive with more resilience and compassion by "awakening" their own "Buddha Brain".

Presenting "52 Stages of Bodhisattva", a game prototype within the metaverse inspired by a conversation with Buddhist monk Venerable Chang Zhan from Dharma Drum Mountain Cultural & Educational Foundation Hong Kong. (Photo by Will Chi Shing Cheng)

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