This is a cross-disciplinary research project exploring the science of the Buddhist mind with art and gaming technology. The project is at an initial concept prototype stage, funded by the Creators of Tomorrow Scheme from Hong Kong Arts Center. The next phase of development will be supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Consciously Human Metaverse is a place for players to explore the science of the Buddhist mind through thought-provoking and mind-challenging activities.

Buddhism and science both share a common challenge - understanding the mind empirically. Neuroscience offers a new pathway to rediscover Buddhism by revealing the biological underpinnings of its practices. These practices have been equipping the human brain with the ability to adapt to disruptions in the world for 2,500 years. Increasing empirical evidence shows that Buddhist practices such as meditation and fasting activate certain neural pathways and circuits that help maintain a balanced state of reward, drive, desire, and ambition. These concepts can be echoed by Buddhist teachings of desire and craving.

The metaverse will include a series of games and activities such as a virtual supermarket, an interactive neuroscience lab, Buddha brain exercises, a tea meditation room, and a Sanskrit karaoke room. My goal is to inspire more people to discover their own “Buddha Brain”!

Medium: video game/ metaverse
Year: 2023
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