An ongoing art & dining project, MissFortune’s Kitchen explores the multi-layered complexities of the word of “Fortune” through meal sharing with friends and strangers. Each meal experience may take on different experimental forms and themes but each time it centres around the idea of "Sharing Fortune".

The word “Fortune” is all around the Chinese culture but what does it really mean? Depending on each person's personal upbringing and the dynamic social, political and economic environment we live in, the way we define "fortune" may drastically differ. Fortune is “unstable” and non-eternal. Its meaning constantly changes with the passing of time and defining it will require us to continuously reflect on our circumstances and the world around us. What was once fortune could carry different meanings today, and a misfortune today may well lead to unique opportunities for meaningful social changes tomorrow. Could this be the meaning of fortune?

Examples of past themes:
On Fortune
On Epicurean Way of Friendship
On Communism and Communion
On Environment

Bon Appétit and cheers to the endless interpretations of Fortune!
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