In my TEDX talk "How I questioned my identity with a fortune cookie?", I shared my personal view on how something as simple as reflecting on our memories of food and the people associated with it can help us understand who we are. 

The talk was held in Hong Kong on 6 December 2019 amidst social unrest. It was a year full of feeling of distress and anxiousness in Hong Kong. I chose to speak on the topic of food and identity, exploring the feeling of displacement versus belonging through memories of food. I shared with the audience how my first encounter with a fortune cookie lead to a journey of self-reflection on the meaning of being a Hong Kong Chinese, and how that evolved to become an art project that allows participants to reflect on their own roots and identities. ​​​​​​​

#Identity #Ancestry #FamilyStories #FoodandArt 

Photos by: Courtesy of Roy Esterhuysen/ Three Peaks Media

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