Exhibition Location: Connecting Spaces (2017) and Koo Ming Kown Gallery (2018)

A transcultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration between four artists from visual arts and music background, The Garden of Silence is a series of work exploring the concept of noise and its social and political implications through a range of installations, performances and video documentary. 

The main work of the exhibition, The Garden of Silence, is a sound installation inspired by the theory of active noise cancelling. Three equal sources of noise are arranged to face each other in a triangle, where the audience is invited to interact with the piece, experiencing the chaotic overlap of the signals which may lead to islands of silence and amplification.

The Bubble is a white cube with a dark and sound-absorbing interior, a “mobile void” that “actively” cancels noise as it gets carried around from places to places to absorb sounds from different environment, providing a momentary escape from the busy world. When passing through this portable cube, a mobile shelter, what are the effects of this passing sensory deprivation in different locations? With very different perspectives and approaches to the topic of noise, the artists searched for meanings as they experimented with the cube around the city and observed reactions within the society.

Is noise a necessity or is it necessary to get rid of it?
Is there a universal meaning of noise?
What is noise in the context of Hong Kong?

“寂靜之園” 是由四個不同背景的視覺藝術家與音樂家的一次跨文化及跨界別的合作中顯生出的一系列探討噪音為主題的的創作, 創作者以裝置、表演、行為藝術和錄像探索噪音的概念, 與其在社會及政治中的意議.

“寂靜之園”是一件基於主動式噪音控制原理(active noise cancelling)的裝置藝術, 以三個揚聲器播放相對及倒置的頻率. 參觀者可從噪音的交雜中享受音浪重疊及音量轉變的效果, 有幸的話, 或許可碰到偶然及短暫的“清靜”一刻.

於“泡沫”一作中, 四位對噪音抱着各種觀點及擁有不同作風的藝術家, 將一個流動的吸音空間抬到城市各角落,以此“主動地”控制噪音及一起探討從中領會的意議。 這也許可被當作一種庇護,但究竟不同的人在各種環境下穿越和停流於此空間會有什麼不一樣的感受?


Artists Introduction

This collaboration project brought together four artists of very different backgrounds to explore transculturality through the context of noise. The group consists of two musicians from Zurich University of the Arts (Giulia Cucini and Daniel Eaton) and two visual artists from Hong Kong Baptist University (Terence Leung and Chi Chi Cheng).

此合作課題譲四位不同背景的藝術家一起以噪音作為背景來探討跨文化學的意議。成員包括來自瑞士 Zurich University of the Arts 的音樂家 Guilia Cucini 及Daniel Eaton, 與香港浸會大學的視覺藝術家梁浩然及鄭資姿。

More about this piece: 

This is an interactive performance as part of the Transcultural Collaboration program headed by Zurich University of the Arts. The program brought together 27 artists and designers from six different art universities from Europe and Asia for a transcultural and cross-disciplinary collaboration over 4 months. 

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