Mixed media sound installation


Chi Chi Cheng (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Terence Leung (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Giulia Cudini (Zurich University of the Arts)
Daniel Eaton (Zurich University of the Arts)

Exhibition Location: Connecting Spaces (2016) and Koo Ming Kown Gallery (2017)

Inspired by the principle of active noise cancelling, this space is constructed with three speakers broadcasting noise recordings from Hong Kong, in which two of the spearkers transmit phase-inverted wavelengths. 

How does it feel to be "dancing" with frequencies from a multiple-dimensional coordinate system? In search of the theoritically "silent spot" in the centre, where all the positive and negative wavelengths meet, viewers move along the multiple-dimensional axes within. 
We don't know if anyone has ever found that silent spot, but does it matter? Can we actually cancel noise with more noise? Could it be that the nosie we seek to "cancel" can never be cancelled because it is not from external? 

Or, is three speakers enough? or too much? Perhaps, with luck, you may find a small pocket of silence amidst the chaos.

This is a project for part of the Transcultural Collaboration, an international Graduate Exchange program headed by Zurich University of the Arts. 

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