A companion star having material drawn into a black hole. Source: NASA
Autophagy - the process of self-eating

Derived from Greek roots auto and phagy
a word with inherent contradictions from within 

Just as the nature of the universe is so cruel
and the snake always eats its own tail

The law of nature 
of the body
of earth
of the universe
of the mind

Clean up the rotten
   Heal the sick and crocked 
     Reuse the dead and the re-risen
        for our environment 

                               Systems are meant to be questioned by human from day one

Since the day Eve and Adam were questioned by the apple
Since the day Buddha’s sister refused to walk the aisle 
Since the day Moses cut the Red Sea open
Since the day Black Hole Cygnus-X1 was discovered.
Since the day those two (Stella) Black Holes merged together
Since the day someone put the first black hole in space then ran away forever


since the birth of Capitalism Socialism Communism Capitalistic Communism and Communistic Capitalism, and Semi-autonomous democratic desire……et cetera et cetera

You see now?
The law of nature is asking us to question
Why systems are meant to be questioned by human from day one

Systems will always outcast each another
But they can be hacked as long as you know he knows she knows it knows they know the virtuous principle of being kind to one another.
With new thesis-antithesis-synthesis comes the key to photosynthesis
One day we shall no longer be afraid of the fallen, the dead and the re-risen

The old and dead skin shall be pushed out of pores 
to make room for new blood that bursts out of Lucifire
There is no such a thing as - Ghosts
This life you choose is what you know
...But just so you know, the people who created them will know what you chose
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